Master program

Graduate program in Migration and Conflict Studies


Sociology/Conflict Studies program at YSU, Department of Sociology, was established in collaboration with George Mason University, Washington D.C., USA, and was the first and unique one in the field in the region of South Caucasus. Conflict Studies is incorporated into BA and MA study levels so that Department of Sociology introduces BA program in Sociology with specialization in Conflict Studies, as well as MA program in Conflict Studies since 1999.


In 2011 under the EU Tempus IV joint project, and in cooperation with Tbilisi State University, University of Graz (Austria), University of Alicante (Spain), University of Oldenburg (Germany) and other partners, Department of Sociology took the obligation to incorporate very important and actual specialization of Migration Studies into the well-known graduate program in Conflict Studies, bringing the both directions of analytical and research work into synchronized and very modern graduate study program.


Among the courses taught at the graduate program in Conflict Studies, are basic courses in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Conflict Management, International Negotiations, and Peace Studies. There are also special courses, including Conflict and Communications, Theories of Nationalism, Regional Conflicts in South Caucasus, and Security Studies. The concentration on Migration Studies introduces a number of courses, including Migration and Multiculturalism, Gender and Migration, Migration and Small Nations, Regional Migration History, Migration Policies, etc.


The number of graduate students per program varies in YSU; Department of Sociology used to limit the number of students in its Masters programs by 15-20 people in group.


Academic calendar:

1st semester – September 1 – December 28

2nd semester – February 8 – June 12


Sessions – 2 weeks
Winter vacation – 2 weeks
Summer vacation – 2 months.